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Home of the sun


Beit Shemesh, best known for its heat and in my opinion sunsets.
The translation of Beit Shemesh is “Home of the Sun”.
It’s weather is similar to Jerusalem
excluding it’s humidity. At times it imitates Tel Aviv weather.
If you love sunsets like me, seriously consider purchasing a penthouse or top floor.
One gets privacy, breeze, plus that gorgeous sunset.
That is why in most cases, the penthouse is higher priced.




Author: Ida Real Estate

I have dealt with people starting from my teen years whether it was a junior counselor position, volunteering in community centers for the elderly, working as a secretary and as a real estate agent. Dealing with the public is a learning experience and challenging. Someone once told me that a person can learn from every being they meet whether it be a child or a stranger they met for 2 minutes. This I hold true. I have met so many people and have learned a lot and keep learning. My father who ran his own business made it a point to provide good service to all his customers no matter how small the customer. I hope to offer quality, honesty, and result in happy customers whether they are sellers, buyers, or renters.

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