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Life is beautiful

Humanity = hope

Tonight,we wet out with friends. After a lovely evening a man approaches us as we wait for the light to change.
He asks us if we can call the police. He points to the floor. What do we see? A cute kitten is laying on his side, terrified.
The man had no phone. We called the police and waited for him to
Since the kitten looked very much alive the policeman pleaded to take him to the animal hospital.
It seems who ever ran him over hit his back feet, fracturing them.
Hope in humanity has been restored!





Author: Ida Real Estate

I have dealt with people starting from my teen years whether it was a junior counselor position, volunteering in community centers for the elderly, working as a secretary and as a real estate agent. Dealing with the public is a learning experience and challenging. Someone once told me that a person can learn from every being they meet whether it be a child or a stranger they met for 2 minutes. This I hold true. I have met so many people and have learned a lot and keep learning. My father who ran his own business made it a point to provide good service to all his customers no matter how small the customer. I hope to offer quality, honesty, and result in happy customers whether they are sellers, buyers, or renters.

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