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Life is beautiful

Small things

Our lives are so busy , filled to capacity at times. So much so, we lose track of what is important, giving.

Giving a smile, saying hello, waving at a friend, opening the door. All these actions deemed small with simplicity can make a big difference in someone else’s life.

We are small with potential to do greatness.


Author: Ida Real Estate

I have dealt with people starting from my teen years whether it was a junior counselor position, volunteering in community centers for the elderly, working as a secretary and as a real estate agent. Dealing with the public is a learning experience and challenging. Someone once told me that a person can learn from every being they meet whether it be a child or a stranger they met for 2 minutes. This I hold true. I have met so many people and have learned a lot and keep learning. My father who ran his own business made it a point to provide good service to all his customers no matter how small the customer. I hope to offer quality, honesty, and result in happy customers whether they are sellers, buyers, or renters.

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